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"Man-Tooth" L/S - Black

"Man-Tooth" Performance Long Sleeve Black

"Man-Tooth" L/S - White

"Man-Tooth" Performance Long Sleeve White

13 Fishing Performance Hoodie

Don't only fish with the best equipment, but fish with the best gear as well! This new 13 Fishing Performance Hoodie will hands down be your go to for any brisk mornings or chilly evenings. This performance hoodie will make any experience that much more enjoyable on the water.

13 Fishing Soft Shell Jacket

Don't let the cold stop you from getting out on the water. The 13 Fishing Soft Shell Jacket is designed to keep you warm yet comfortable at the same time. This jacket will quickly be your favorite item you own and will be turning heads asking where they can get one as well!

Catch & Release

Catch & Release Electric Blue Catch and Release 13 Fishing T-Shirt


The Concept Tee is a true classic 13 Fishing design that is built for comfort and performance. A true staple piece that isn't going anywhere any time soon. Now available in black and military green!


The envy of the water. We are always looking to catch the next big thing, and a Bass like that would surely make the neighbors jealous. Introducing the new Envy Tee! With a New Bass design that is unbeatable, this is the next tee for those days on the water.

Liter O' Cola

"Liter O'Cola" Chili Red Retro 13 Fishing T-Shirt

Murican Tee

Stay true to your colors with the New Murican Tee! This tee resembles what it mean to live in the land of the free, and is sure to be your next favorite shirt come July 4th.

The Big Kahuna

he ever elusive Big Kahuna Tee. You'll hear stories about fish like this, but for some reason the Big Kahuna is always able to escape your grasp until today. Get the new Big Kahuna Tee and who knows, maybe now you will finally get a Big Kahuna of your own!